Textbook Exchange Tips

One of the best things that a college student can do for the books that he is done with is to sell them to others who will eventually need them in the future. This is why many students go for online textbook exchange or textbook buyback programs that can take their load of useless manuals and texts out of their hands.

Getting relieved of classes and exams can be exhilarating as every college student will be happy to tell you. However, what really takes the cake is making some extra cash by selling the books that served you well during the entire semester. College texts are an investment in themselves if they are used wisely after you are done with them. Used textbooks websites will pay top dollar for hard to find books.  There are always eager students who are looking for online sources that can get them the best deals on the texts they need.

In order to make the most money out of your investment it is best that you know the tricks and tips to make the hundreds of dollars that you spent on it worth the trouble. Here is how.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

Remember nothing is hotter in terms of textbook sales than a post exam season. The problem with online exchange services is that your used textbooks for sale will more or less be left hanging until someone comes along and offers to exchange them. This can turn into a long wait. Therefore, in order to ensure that your used textbooks are snatched up quicker, it is best that you put them up for offer either before exam season or before the start of, say, the fall semester. Posting their availability on these websites a week prior to when the exams or semester will actually begin is a good way to start. Your textbook exchange is sure to go smoothly if you follow this simple piece of advice.

Keep a Wish List of Textbooks

If you are on the lookout for specific books yourself there are textbook buyback sites that have textbook exchange programs which you can utilize to get the specific book you want. In fact, such websites have as much as a million books in their system just ready to be swapped by eager students like you. Needless to say, you are bound to find what you are looking for in such an extensive inventory.  Better yet, making a “wish list” will get you your desired cheap textbooks as soon as they come in stock.  So, find out what materials are required next semester as soon as you can. This will also help you keep track of the author’s and books you will eventually have to use the next semester.

Keep Your Own Textbooks in Good Condition

Let’s face it. You would not want to exchange your books for some that look like something the family dog chewed up. The same goes for websites that sell cheap textbooks. Such websites will not let your books be a part of any textbook exchange if they are not in usable condition. For example if you want websites that sell textbooks online to accept yours, make sure that they are in clean condition. This means that ratty, dog-eared copies with broken or twisted spines and missing pages will not be accepted.  You wouldn’t want your mint condition book to be swapped for a text that looks like it has gone through the shredder would you?

You can also make a lot of money if you actually sell used textbooks to these websites. They will then put them up for exchange or sale where they can be used by students who are also looking for an affordable alternative to buying new textbooks for the coming semester.

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