Wasted Money, What a Waste!

College is the time to stretch your dollars, not waste them. Many students, however, struggle with this concept and spend money needlessly. The good news is that, with some subtle changes, it is easier than you think to effectively manage your money.

Ways to NOT be a waster:

Do NOT buy new textbooks. Buying new textbooks at the campus bookstore is one of the biggest money wasting mistakes that a student can make. There are SO many options available to secure the same high quality books at a fraction of the cost. You can literally save hundreds of dollars by purchasing used books on-line or renting textbooks. Be sure to examine our textbook site reviews for information on how and where to buy/rent textbooks and save yourself money.

Stop spending leftover money from student loans. Don’t do it, period. This is a common mistake that seems like a good idea at the time but you will have to pay the money back. . . WITH INTEREST! A smarter choice would be to make an early payment on your student loan.

Ditch the car. If you can get away with not having a car on campus this will save you great expense. You won’t have the burden of worrying about 4 years of insurance, repairs, gas, and parking fees. Instead, get around on feet, by bike, public transportation, or carpool.

Limit the dining out. Eating out too often is a serious money drain. Cook meals at home for a cheaper, healthier, and easier alternative. Better yet, invest in a campus meal plan.

Alcohol. Buying a round of drink at the local bar will gain you popularity but deplete your funds. Keep an eye on your spending in all social situations.

Don’t live alone. Though it may be tempting to have your own place, the financial burden is huge. Instead, live with several roommates to help share in the expense.

Go to class. This seems like a no-brainer, right? But, as we all know, college students are notorious for skipping large percentages of class time. Tuition is expensive, take advantage of every learning opportunity possible- that is why you are there (or at least, part of why you are there, hopefully).


  1. Blaser says:

    These are some great tips. I specifically agree that the option to rent textbooks can save students quite a bit of money.

  2. Shelly says:

    Glad you like the tips! Yes, renting textbooks is the best way to save money while in college!

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