Big Halloween Costume Ideas on a Small College-sized Budget

Tricks, treats, piles of candy, and campus-wide costume parties- what’s not to love about Halloween? But wait. . . before you run to the nearest Halloween store and drop $60.00 or more on a costume, here are some fun, easy, and inexpensive ideas that are sure to impress. All you need is your closet, your roommate’s closet, and the thrift store to make these big costumes on a small budget.

1. Jump on the vampire bandwagon. Like Twilight and True Blood? Of course, you do. It’s easier than you think to dress up like Eric, Bill, or your favorite vampire. Use white face powder or paint to make your complexion appear pale. Add fake teeth and bright red lipstick. Dress in all black, of course, and carry a bottle of “True Blood” to complete the look.


2. Party in pairs. What better way to get a party started than dress like Hugh Heffner and a playboy playmate? All you need is a long silk rode and a cigar to appear like Heff, and a black leotard, bunny ear, and a cotton tail to be the perfect bunny.


3. Go Gaga. Lady Gaga is a popular choice for Halloween. Whether you copy the infamous meat hanger dress, or create your own crazy style, you are sure to have fun with this one. Anything goes!


4. Starving college student. This is an easy idea that is sure to get a few laughs. Choose old, worn, sloppy clothing, and wear a sign that says, “will work for room, board, and tuition.”


Some other inexpensive and easy  ideas you can throw together last minute:

  • Doctor. Scrubs and a stethoscope
  • Baby. Pajamas, pick tails, pacifier, and freckles drawn on the cheeks
  • Nerd. Hair slicked down, a pocket protector, glasses, freckles, and pants pulled up way high
  • Hippy. bellbottoms, round sunglasses, long wig, tie dye, and a sign that reads “free love”
  • The Blues Brothers. Black suits, white shirts, back top hat, and dark sunglasses

Remember, Halloween is for everybody! Not just kids. So enjoy, and don’t eat too much candy. - Rent or Buy Textbooks Great alternative to textbook rentals, saves students a lot of money