Should You Buy Or Rent Textbooks?

Over the years, students have found that the best way to spend as little as possible on the books they need for their college course, is to choose second hand copies. You only need to do a quick search online to see that the market for used textbooks is huge, and there are dozens of different websites all offering to sell you good quality second hand textbooks at well below the price of a new copy.

More recently, some businesses have realized that there is an even better way to help students spend less on their textbooks, and as well as offering second hand textbooks for sale, they are also offering to rent books to students as well. In fact, textbook rental has become so popular, that there are now businesses on the Internet that don’t actually sell used textbooks, they just rent them. But if you’ve got a whole list of titles you need for your college course, and your keen to spend as little as possible getting hold of them, is it better to buy or rent textbooks?

Buy or Rent Textbooks?

Buy or Rent TextbooksDepending on your needs, there are various pros and cons of both buying and renting your second hand textbooks. The textbook rental sites differ in terms of what you can and can’t do with the books you rent from them. Most will let you highlight passages, but there aren’t many that will let you write in the books.

But if this isn’t that important to you, renting instead of buying can be a great way to save money, especially over the duration of your college course, as many of the textbook rental reviews point out.

Some people will always prefer to own their own textbooks, especially if they’re not sure how long they might need them for, which could be one of the reasons not to rent. However, most of the textbook rental websites offer flexible rental terms, which can usually be extended if necessary without too much fuss or expense. Plus, if you do decide that purchasing your textbook is actually going to suit you better, many sites will allow you to buy the book you’ve rented, taking into account the rental fees you’ve already paid.

Textbook Rental Websites Reviews

If you’re starting to think that textbook rental could be the best way for you to spend as little as possible on the books you need for college, we encourage you to check out our textbook website reviews.

Students will always try to save money by looking to buy cheap textbooks. A few years ago, the best way to get achieve this was to buy second hand books, with the Internet making it quick and easy to search dozens of different suppliers to find the lowest possible price.

Today, more and more students are looking to textbook rental to help them achieve even greater savings, and with websites providing them with good quality books at low prices, for just as long as they need them, it’s a market that’s likely to continue growing in popularity.

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