Secrets to Selling Textbooks Online

The cost of education is constantly climbing — tuition fees, room and board, and the price of textbooks all continue to rise year after year. This puts a fair amount of financial pressure on students. Finding ways to reduce the cost of education is a big plus and selling used textbooks is a great way to start reducing these costs.

There are a few tips and tricks which can be used when selling college textbooks; these will help you to make sure you receive a premium price for your old textbooks.

Tip 1: Sell textbooks online.
If you are serious about getting the best price for old textbooks then you will certainly want to sell them online and not to a retail store. Prices offered by websites which purchase old textbooks are significantly higher because they do not have the same overhead costs as the campus bookstore. Selling textbooks online is the way to go if you want maximum returns.

Tip 2: Choose a reputable company when selling textbooks online.
The highest price offered may not be the best option for some people. You may be offered more for your old textbook at some sites, but are there hidden costs such as shipping involved? What are the site policies regarding the acceptable condition of a textbook when it is sold? Sending in a badly kept textbook to a site with strict criteria will result in shipping and handling fees being levied.

Tip 3: Read reviews of textbook websites.
Look for in-depth reviews of textbook websites you are considering selling used books to. Be sure to review details such as selection, user-friendliness, site security and how good the customer service is.

Tip 4: Sell textbooks in bulk.
You may have found a site which offers a higher price for your textbook but charges for shipping. What is the bottom line if you were to sell several textbooks at the same time? There would be only one shipping charge, and the higher price received for the books may outweigh it.

Tip 5: Make sure you can receive payment.
When you sell college textbooks cash payment is not usually an option. You will need some way to be paid. Most websites offer checks or funds transfer, some may have additional options such as PayPal or Moneybookers. Just be sure to set up your preferred method to get paid.

Tip 6: Selling textbooks is not a one-time deal.
Make your money go further by buying used textbooks and reselling them again. Many students never buy a single new textbook during their college career. They have discovered the great savings which can be had from selling textbooks online and buying used textbooks.

Tip 7: Collect old textbooks.
Every year millions of textbooks are discarded by students as they have no further use for them. These textbooks have value. Do not be afraid to pick up any old textbooks you can get your hands on, these can be sold to help towards the cost of the textbooks you actually need.

Tip 8: Monitor your chosen textbook buyer.
Things change and so do websites. What is a good website offering the best prices today may not be the best tomorrow. Don’t be afraid of checking out new websites offering to buy textbooks, the market can and does change frequently. One word of caution though – you can spend too much time doing price comparisons. Work smarter, not harder.

The sale of old used textbooks is a fantastic way for every student to make a little money back and reduce the cost of their education.

As more and more people begin to rely upon textbook rental and buying used textbooks, the demand for used textbooks will also rise. Now is the best time to dig out your old textbooks and make yourself a little cash.

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