Finding the Cheapest Textbooks

For any student today, finances are a major factor. Most students find it very difficult to manage their money throughout their education and any savings which can be made are a blessing. Finding a reputable source of cheap college textbooks is a great way for every student to put a little money back in their pocket.

There are several ways in which students can find cheap college textbooks, such as buying used textbooks or even renting them. Additionally, students can reduce their expenses by selling their used textbooks. So just how do you find the cheapest used college textbooks?

Finding the cheapest used textbooks

If you are serious about finding the cheapest textbooks, you are going to need to understand that the lowest priced used textbooks are to found online. Large websites offering discount used textbooks have great buying power. You see they buy cheaper because of the volume of textbooks they handle and are able to pass savings on to the customer. Buying used textbooks offers massive savings over new.

Rent textbooks for further savings

The best way to procure the cheapest college textbooks is to rent college textbooks. The cheapest textbook rental sites are often the most cost effective way to get your study materials. The books get returned after use and you will not want to forget to return them on time (or you will get charged a late fee). This is a smart way to acquire textbooks for school. Rental times vary from 90 days to a year or more, with some sites offering much shorter rental periods.

Sell textbooks online and get some cash back

Many textbook rental and cheap used textbook sales sites will also purchase old textbooks and this is a good way to recoup a little of the cost of purchase when you no longer require those expensive textbooks from last semester. Keep in mind, all sites are not equal and prices can fluctuate between sites. Remember, every used textbook sold or textbook offered for rental was purchased from a student who took good care of the books.

Combine all three techniques for greater savings

Most people will buy their first set of textbooks new or sometimes they are a gift from parents. Students should look upon this almost as seed money. Once these newly purchased textbooks are no longer needed they should be sold online. Use the proceeds of this sale to buy discount college textbooks (if needed for an extended period) or rent textbooks for the short term. You may well find that the initial set of new textbooks you originally owned will see you through the cost of one or two years of your overall course requirements.

Finding the Right Sites

We have built a short list of the best textbook rental sites available. Check out our textbook rental review page.

Overall, buying, selling and renting used textbooks offer students a significant benefit. Textbooks are a required resource for all students and publishers have long exploited this by selling new textbooks at very high prices. By renting textbooks and purchasing used textbooks the cost of ownership for required course materials can be reduced by as much as 90% in some cases.

Start renting, buying and selling textbooks today to start making savings.

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