TextbooksRUs.com Review

Textbooks R Us ReviewTextbooksRus.com is a textbook website where you can buy, sell or rent textbooks, and new textbooks are also available (although we encourage you to steer away from new books because of the higher cost). In many ways this is a one stop shop for anyone looking to purchase textbooks or sell textbooks for cash via the web.

What We Like

The site loads quickly, even though it is fairly graphically intensive. This shows that the site is running on a quality, reputable host. Once the site has finished loading, all of the main features are easily visible, with everything above the fold. Five tabs across the top offer access to the main areas of the site, namely textbooks, books, book rental, selling books and video games.

The site is extremely easy to use and navigate; everything is clearly labeled and simple to understand. Search boxes are large and clearly named, with additional links to in-line help presented where appropriate. Additionally, for functionality such as textbook rental, the process is explained using a step by step approach presented in graphical form and is very easy to understand. Obvious questions, such as does the site offer free shipping become moot, as this kind of information is clearly presented upon the site in a multitude of places. With regard to providing a simple, easy to understand and navigate site, TextbooksRus.com is likely a best place sell textbooks online.

The selection of books on offer is wide ranging. All three sections which pertain to textbooks, the area which enables people to sell textbooks for cash, new textbook sales and textbook rentals are each enabled with a powerful search facility. This makes locating a specific textbook very easy. It is also important to note that the site has also implemented a full ISBN search, which really helps to track down those more obscure titles.

If we compare prices of sites that sell textbooks online, we find that this is one of the sites offering a competitive price structure, for both the purchase of new textbooks and for those people who want to sell textbooks for cash. If we also consider that free shipping is offered, then prices become even more attractive. When we compared prices, this site offers some of the best deals.

Areas for Improvement

There are a few areas where the site could be improved, most notably the categorization of both new textbooks and textbooks for rent. Categories do not match between these two parts of the site, making it a little confusing to navigate them when attempting to make comparisons between purchase and rental prices. As we mentioned before, the site is quite graphically intensive, and the user experience could be improved if many of the large images were replaced with something more useful and informative.

The site is verified malware free by McAfee Secure and carries the McAfee security seal. The processes behind the purchase, sale and rental of textbooks are well documented, with several pages outlining issues such as returns, customers support and shipping information. Additionally there are many help pages and an informative FAQ section. Trust is further reinforced through the inclusion of plenty of customer testimonials.

Overall, this is one of the premier sites for people who want to sell textbooks online. The combination of an easy to navigate and understand site structure, excellent textbook availability and keen pricing make this a site which is hard to overlook for many reasons, definitely a valuable resource which all students should consider exploring when considering the best place sell textbooks online.

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