Review reviewWhy rent textbooks for college? ‘Because college is expensive enough’ according to, one of the largest and most popular textbook rental websites.

For years, purchasing textbooks was one of the biggest expenses students faced after paying for tuition fees and accommodation costs. Buying used textbooks was one way of making things a little easier, but when the textbook rental market developed, it made it possible for students to get the titles they needed, at much lower prices. So what does have to offer students who are looking for a more affordable education?

Quickstats on

• Some of the lowest prices available, saving you even more money
• One of the largest selections of rental titles in the market
• Option to buy textbooks,as well as sell them back
• Choice of shipping options, including Priority, but delivery is chargeable
• Return shipping it free review

When you’re looking to find the best college textbook rental websites, there are a number of things you need to consider. How much is it going to cost, what are the terms and conditions, and are they going to make renting the textbooks you need simple and straightforward? Here’s a look at CollegeBookRenter to see how they answer these questions.

The Website 

The first thing you notice about the website is that it has a clean and professional look. This is always a good start, as there is nothing more off-putting than a textbook exchange website that looks as though it’s been thrown together without any thought about the user experience. Simply entering the ISBN number of the book you’re after will bring up the rental options, and if you need to understand a little more about renting textbooks, there is a good help section with plenty of frequently asked questions. Once you’ve finalized your rental, there’s the option to track the progress of your order, so you should always know where you book is.


The site has one of the biggest selections of textbooks available for rental, so whatever titles you’re looking for, there’s a good chance they’ll have what you need. Also, there are three options when it comes to how long you can rent your textbook for. You can keep it for up to 130 days, but if you don’t need it that long you could just opt for 90 or 60 and save even more money. There are a number of shipping options, with low cost services if you’re not in a hurry, and a priority service if you need your book within 1 day and are prepared to pay more to get it. However, returning your book won’t cost you anything, as all returns benefit from free shipping.

Terms of Use

CollegeBookRenter appreciates that just because you want to save money on your textbooks doesn’t mean you don’t want to get the maximum benefit from them. So, while you’re not allowed to write in them, you can highlight parts of the text, as long as it’s not excessive. Also, if you forget to return your rented textbook, you get charged a 15 day rental extension. But if you don’t return it before the end of this extension period, you could incur some fairly hefty charges so, you need to keep track of when your book is due back.


When you’re looking to buy your college textbooks, it makes sense to compare the prices offered by different sellers. Just because you’re renting your books doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the same. Different websites will charge different amounts to rent you the same book, and if you have a number of titles you need, finding the cheapest option will help you save even more money. There’s a section with testimonials on the home page that shows the amount of money a number of students have saved, and the good news is that CollegeBookRenter does seem not to be cheaper than some of the other big rental websites.


CollegeBookRenter does what it is supposed to but there are more affordable and easy to textbook rental options.

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