Beat The Freshman Fifteen- Cut the Fat on Spending!

Everyone knows that a college education is one of the best investments a person can make. That investment, however, requires an awful lot of up-front capital. So, what’s a college student to do? Try following these tips for cutting spending and living large on a lean budget.

  • Take it easy on eating out.  Spending money on restaurants, take-out, and mid-night pizza is a sure-fire way to burn through cash. Prepare meals at home, pack snacks, or invest in a campus meal plan.


  • Enjoy free Activities. Colleges offer a variety of free AND fun activities for students. These include movies, game nights, socials, and more. These activities are the perfect way to relax without breaking the bank! More importantly, you’ll make new friends and grow your social network in ways that will prove invaluable later in life.


  • Choose local banks that cater to students. Open a free checking and savings account to avoid extra fees and service charges.


  • If you must drink, drink cheaply (and, of course, legally!). The mark-up on alcohol is outrageous and is a fast way to make your money disappear. Instead of splurging on top-shelf stuff, seek out local joints. There will be plenty of time later in life to enjoy fine wines and craft brews.


  • Buy Used Textbooks. New textbooks are one of a college student’s biggest budget-busting burdens. Every student NEEDS books, of course, but the words in the used versions are the same as in the fresh new books. Buy used and save a load of cash!


  • Frugal living is chic. Resist, I repeat, resist the temptation to buy useless clutter.


  • Keep reminding yourself that you are a student.  This is the time in your life which everyone expects to live the Bohemian lifestyle. Embrace that!


  • Budget wisely. Build a realistic and practical budget at the beginning of each semester and LIVE BY IT.


  • Avoid ATM fees. . . the banks are already rich enough and there’s no need to pay them for the privilege of getting your own money. ATM fees rack up quickly and cost you a lot of money. Keep enough cash on hand for needed expenses to avoid this trap.


  • Get a bike. A bike is not only a great way to save money on gas; you will get plenty of exercise so you can skip the pricey gym membership while helping Mother Earth AND your wallet. - Rent or Buy Textbooks Great alternative to textbook rentals, saves students a lot of money Buyback Program Review

When it comes to buying books, whether fiction, non-fiction or even textbooks for college, is usually one of the first places people go to try and find the book they want at a good price. In the space of only a few years, Amazon has become the biggest online retailer of books, and now it looks like they have set their sights on the textbook buyback market too. Their new buyback program provides students who’ve got textbooks they no longer need any more, with another way of getting back some of the money they invested in them.

But is the best place to buy books online also the best place to sell textbooks online? We’re not so sure.

Sell Textbooks Online

Choosing for your online textbooks sale does have some benefits. For a start, Amazon is a name the most of us have grown up with, and a business that has developed a lot of trust with their customers. This gives them a lot of credibility when you’re looking for the best place to sell textbooks online. It is worth mentioning however, that while Amazon may be a name you can trust, there is also a third party merchant involved in their buyback program, although the majority of feedback from students who have used the service, is generally very good. Buyback ReviewAmazon’s buyback program is slightly different to a lot of the others you will find on the web, but this could suit a lot of users. Because the textbook buyback service is an extension of, it can seem a lot more cluttered than some of the other websites, but it retains the same look and feel as the main site, so most people will be used to it and have no difficulty navigating their way around it. Having easy access to the main Amazon site is also useful when you want to compare prices of selling books online, so you can see if you are getting a good deal.

Where most other buyback sites give you the opportunity to sell textbooks for cash, this program actually pays you with an Amazon Gift Certificate. If you’re looking to get your hands on some cold hard cash, this might not be ideal. However, if you were planning to buy more books, or anything else Amazon sells for that matter, it can be a great way to get rid of your old textbooks, especially as Amazon appears to offer better prices than some of the other sites. With free shipping as well, it doesn’t cost you anything to send your books, and you can even choose the faster UPS service (unlike the USPS Media Mail service offered by many textbook buyback sites, that can take up to 14 days), so you get your money much quicker.

Sell Textbooks for Cash

If the idea of selling your textbooks for a Gift Certificate doesn’t appeal to you, Amazon does offer another option that most other buyback programs can’t. You could always use the Amazon marketplace to sell your textbooks. This might require a little more work as you have to list each of the books you want to sell, and there will be fees you need to pay, but it could be worth it. Because with this approach you are selling direct to the buyer, when they compare prices of sites that sell textbooks online, and see that they can buy yours for less, it could be an easy way to make more money than using the buyback program. Plus you’ll get paid in cash rather than a Gift Certificate.

With a name most people know and trust, their own forum full of positive comments, free shipping and prices that seem to be nearly as good than the other programs on the web, this could be a great way for you to free up some of your investment in your college textbooks.

The downside is the gift certificate pay program which really only works if you do a lot of shopping on Amazon. - Rent or Buy Textbooks Great alternative to textbook rentals, saves students a lot of money

Buy Cheap College Textbooks Online

sell textbooks onlineI have to admit, I like the feeling I get when I open a brand new college textbook and see the fresh pages and clean binding. However, I don’t like the sinking feeling of thinking about when the semester is over and how much I am going to lose when I go to sell that textbook.

It is best that you sell college textbooks for cash online. Then you can start saving up for that stereo system you wanted.

How? All you have to do is to do your research and find out the best textbook sites. Your best bet would be to figure out which are the best sites for cheap college textbooks and add your textbooks to their catalogs.

Why Buy Textbooks Online?

Selling used textbooks through the internet is a popular way of exchanging used textbooks. It is also a great way to get paid back for most of what your original purchase was worth. In fact, reviewing online services that offer to either buy or sell your books can save you up to 50 percent on a textbook. This beats having to scrimp and save just so you can afford the exorbitantly priced manuals that grace the shelves of the local campus bookstore.

This is because online retailers offer to sell you books at generally lower prices than local bookstores. If you are lucky and they have more copies of the copy you want, you might even get a discount. Comparing websites or online retailers will in turn help you compare cheap college textbooks more effectively. In other words, it will allow you to find a retailer that offers to give you the best value for your money. This will not only get you used books that are in near mint condition but will also save you money in the long run.

The best thing about these textbook websites is that they offer to ship you your purchases for free. They also get you the best deals. Some students also opt for auction sites. You can get best priced books from these sites provided that they have it in stock. You will not have any problem there as used books start piling up once the semester is over. This makes shopping for your books for the next semester much more convenient as well. Accessing these useful websites also helps you get your hands on the book you need for the upcoming semester.

There are a few things that you have to keep in mind when purchasing or selling your texts to one of these sites.

For one, your books need to have an authentic ISBN (International Standard Book Number) code that will specify their edition. Also, if you want to sell your books, make sure that they are in near mint condition before you try to put them up for sale. Online retail websites will not accept a textbook that is missing a lot of pages or is in tatters. In other words, it pays to keep yours in good condition.

After all, wouldn’t you want your materials for next semester to arrive in the best condition possible?

Of course. So, treat your textbooks well and it will pay off in the end. - Rent or Buy Textbooks Great alternative to textbook rentals, saves students a lot of money

Comparing Websites for Selling Textbooks Online

Cheap isn’t the word that comes to mind when you think of college books. This is why many students usually end up working part time jobs in order to make enough money to last them through the next semester. However, some go the extra mile and sell textbooks for cash.

Some students do go to resellers themselves. However, there are also those that take a more convenient route and choose to sell textbooks online.  The Web offers a plethora of textbook websites that are just itching to get their hands on your useless books and pay for them! Not only will they offer to take your clutter off your hands but will also resell it to someone that truly needs it.

However, just because there are a lot of websites that offer to buy your books doesn’t mean that you go for the first one that you find. There are many scam artists out there that will leave you hanging while they make hefty profits by selling them to the highest bidder and pocketing the profits. Searching for websites that actually deliver will be your best bet if you want to sell textbooks online.
You can compare prices from different websites where you can conveniently sell old textbooks for some extra money.

Here are a few websites to sell your textbooks to get you started. Buyback Program (not recommended)

If you want to sell textbooks, compare other websites with and you will find one of the most convenient textbook buyback sites.  All you have to do is type in the ISBN numbers of the used college books you want to sell in the comparison engine. will take it from there and tell you what it will offer to pay for your books.

However, unlike other websites, this one does not pay you in cash but in gift certificates.

In other words, if you are a fan of buying on, this website is a good place for you to sell college textbooks but not so helpful if you are looking to get the cash.

The website also requires that you input the ISBN number of the books you wish to sell. You can type in the name of the author or a keyword that might be indicative of a particular book’s value. Unlike, this website offers to buy back your used manuals for cash. As with most other textbook websites, also offers free shipping.

You can also sell textbooks online or We invite you to check out our textbook site reviews to give you an idea of what they are like. This way, you can find out which of those works best for you.

Since most of these websites offer free shipping services, you won’t have to worry about paying to make sure your cargo is delivered on time. This is why, when selling textbooks online, you need to consider more than just price. Some of the sites offer you all of these options in a single package.

Remember, you won’t have a shortage of students that frequently use such websites in their hunt for bargain books. As much as you want to sell that textbook for cash, another student is hoping to buy that same book and save a few bucks. - Rent or Buy Textbooks Great alternative to textbook rentals, saves students a lot of money