With the cost of college ranging from thousands to tens of thosands of dollars per year (some private colleges charge $50,000+ PER YEAR!), students can use all the help they can get saving money.

When you started your college career, you probably quickly realized that the textbooks were going to cost you a bunch of money. What you probably did not know is that buying, selling and renting textbooks online is not only easy, it can be pretty profitable for most students. It is an opportunity for you to get some of all of the money you invested in your textbooks back.

The problem is with all the textbook websites out there, which ones can you trust? Which textbook sites should you avoid?

That’s why I created this textbook review site.

RentTextbooks101.com will help you understand your textbook options and save you more money. That’s our goal.

In accordance with regulations, I need to tell you that some of the links on this web site may entitle me to a commission from a publisher. These commissions pay for the development and maintenance of this site. If you are unsure as to the nature of a link, you should assume I make a commission from that link.

We hope you enjoy the site and we look forward to your feedback.

– Michael

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